Tuesday, June 07, 2005


If all goes well, I'll be doing a lot of reading over the next few months. I have a decent system for handling references now, but I thought perhaps making myself a log of some of the most interesting papers would be a good idea. (The idea is loosely borrowed from Val's blog.)

For one, it forces me to talk a bit about papers I read, a process which I've found incredibly useful in my biological security course. It also gives me an excuse to share what I found interesting with other people. I expect some of it will be fairly unusual, given my interest in how biology can be used to create better computer systems. There have definitely been papers I've read that I would love to see talked about in linux/free software/open source communities, but I suspect most people never encounter these things. So I'll do my part to share the tidbits I find.

This is all a bit of a thought-experiment for me, to see if it helps supplement my existing system for handling my readings. Please feel free to comment on anything I say here, or suggest other related work that I might find interesting.


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